What is Veganuary

Its the New Year which means you’ll be hearing a chorus of catchy phrases that have forever been a part of the first month of the year (or, at least, since 2014).

While "New Year, New Me" and “Dry Jan" are still popular, the titan of the month is "Veganuary".

What is Veganuary?

In simple terms, Veganuary is when someone pledges to eat a vegan diet for the duration of January. This means they commit to eating no animal products or by-products for the whole month.

The idea was founded in 2014, when a couple from York, Jane Land and Matthew Glover, created a non-profit organisation which asked people to pledge online to eat vegan for January.

One of the biggest hits on Netflix of late is Gamechangers, a documentary movie that delves into the benefits of becoming vegan, and to my surprise i was actually won over by it initially.

I was on the change, i added every vegan product from my protein to my basket and was close the checking out.

But upon reflection before clicking, i thought about how they acknowledged the other eating habits and only concentrated on that of an unhealthy diet.

What about all of us that eat a healthy meat diet?

I would like to try Veganuary to see how i feel, as in the documentary, fitness levels rose, complexion and energy levels increased, but this was in comparison to a previous unhealthy diet in some cases.

The athletes on their made a real case for going vegan.

So im thinking if ditching the meat for January and seeing what happens.



Paul Watts - Kettering - Oundle - UK

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