Save money of your favourite foods

Hi everyone, I hope you're all looking forward to the festive season, i know i am. Lets get you saving money from this weekend!!

Ive got such a busy end to the year with the salons getting Christmas ready, and i'm also working away in Holland, Manchester, and London. One of the biggest expenses when working away is food, we all need it and we all want good tasting food.

One of the best investments i made was a taste card!! Saving me money in my favourite restaurants. Ive just been getting my things ready for my trip next week and looking at what restaurants are en route that i can use my taste card at. Whilst browsing the website i seen there is 2 months FREE!!! Also you can get unto 40% off at the cinema!! how awesome is that!

I highly recommend you get one, its saving me so much money on my food travels and daily life.

Taste Card <---- Link to the card



Paul Watts - Kettering - Oundle - UK

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