Hats my fav

If you know me, you know i love hats, snap backs for the gym and easy styling, wool hats for these cold months, but my absolute fav is the a good short brim fedora or trilby.

Two of my favourite brands are Gorin Bros and Jaxon & James. The newest hat to my collection is the pecan crushable trilby. The colour always gets a mention whenever ive got it on. So to help out everyone who's asked, here it is.

I always go for a size small, as my head is like a pea, but also because I love how tight it fits my head.

In this lifestyle section of my blog, i will be putting up what i wear and use in daily life. I will be linking the products in so its easy for you to locate them.

Thank you for reading this post.



Paul Watts - Kettering - Oundle - UK

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