Double Busy

This is something in salon I'm hearing all the time, I even say it, everyone is time poor now and its got to change. We aren't currently living a healthy work life balance, I know I'm certainly not.

That 3 hour hair appointment is something that in todays society is becoming something that is easier just no to turn up to. No call, no warning, and when we call to say you've missed your appointment, it's a shock, and apologies come flooding. Don't worry, we understand life is life and things come up, we get that. So we have made it easier for your to look after your hair in those busy periods.

We have had a rapid refresh menu for a number of years, but never really marketed it, so I'm here to tell you all about about it.

Our rapid refresh menu is designed to make sure your hair is looking good all the time, but with two important factors, SAVING YOU MONEY, and, SAVING YOU TIME.

We have hand picked the top rated colour services in salon and given you the ability to be in and out the salon WITHIN AN HOUR!!! Freshly coloured hair and gone. If your not in a massive rush and could spare 30 more minutes, let us blow dry it for you for only £12 extra.

If you want more info comment below or contact one of the salons.



Paul Watts - Kettering - Oundle - UK

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