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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

So winter is coming, and we are all getting present shopping ready to treat our family and friends.

But what about treating your hair?

We all tend to moisturise our faces, protect our lips and make sure hands are looked after, but we forget about our hair. We might get it cut every six weeks and coloured every four to ten weeks, we also wash our hair to make sure it doesn't look dirty... on the outside.

But what about the inside of our hair?

Did you know, everyone has experienced some form of hair breakage, whether it’s split ends, excessive shedding, or brittle strands that break off easily. It can be very frustrating, especially if you’re trying to grow out your hair into long and healthy locks.

It’s important to note that some hair loss is completely normal. The average person actually loses 60-100 hairs a day.

How do you fix breakage in your hair?

If you suffer from hair breakage, make sure you do these eight things to help your strands recover.

Salon Condition Treatments

Lower The Temperature On Your Styling Tools

Use A Heat Protector

Use A Detangler

Skip The Topknot or tight pony

Do Treatments Before/After Color

Sleep On Silk/Charmeuse Pillowcases

Comb Your Hair With Conditioner On

One of the biggest game changing products in recent years are bond builders, here's how they work...

Defy Damage ProSeries 1

Bond-Protecting Color Optimizer Spray

Step 1: An ultra-dry bond protector that instantly helps shield hair from chemical service damage, improves color deposit, and provides greater, more even lift when lightening. Professional use only.

Just spray and go—no messy, complicated mixing or measuring!Higher concentration of SmartRelease Technology

Defy Damage ProSeries 2

Bond-Strengthening Color Treatment

Step 2: An intensive treatment to help strengthen bonds and hydrate–for damage-resistant, healthy-looking hair in just one use. Professional use only.

Regenerates bonds & strengthens hairProtects hair from mechanical, thermal, and environmental damageHigher concentration of SmartRelease Technology

At-home treatments reduce breakage and visibly strengthens hair, improving its look and feel.

Im currently working with DEFY DAMAGE by Joico in salon which is a complete GAME CHANGER. We've heard all the "plex's" possible, its such a fresh approach moving away from that word, and telling it how it is. DEFY DAMAGE it says what it does on the tin.

Protects all hair types from the ravaging effects of daily heat styling, UV exposure, and environmental pollution that lead to dry, dull, lackluster locks with Joico’s NEW Defy Damage haircare system. This damage-defying breakthrough helps protect and strengthen hair bonds for a healthy-hair transformation you can instantly see and feel.

This is what everyone wants, healthy, strong, shiny hair. We recommend in salon to have this with every colour service, if budgets don't allow it, add it to your appointment every quarter. This way, it will get your hair ready for seasonal changes.


In two easy steps, the Defy Damage ProSeries helps protect and strengthen hair bonds—before, during, and after every chemical service— helping to ensure the healthiest-looking hair imaginable… and stunning results you have to see to believe:

80% less breakage*

5X stronger hair*

Increased & more even lift**

Evens porosity for better color deposit

Maintains over 90% of color vibrancy***

Defy Damage Protective Shampoo – for bond-strengthening and color longevity.

With a rich, luxurious lather, this gentle daily cleanser protects hair both in the salon and at home with damage-prevention ingredients. The result is shiny, smooth, clean hair that is resilient and healthy looking

Defy Damage Protective Conditioner – for bond-strengthening and color longevity.

It replenishes moisture and builds resilience without weighing the hair down. It prevents and protects from daily damage, boosts vital moisture, it instantly detangles hair and leaves hair soft, shiny and looking healthy.

Defy Damage Protective Masque – for bond-strengthening and color longevity.

It goes deep to infuse hair with a brilliant, bond-strengthening defense, resulting in less breakage and more protection from heat styling. Hair has instant softness and shine.

Helps to rebuild broken hair bondsDeeply replenishes hair without weighing it downSee results after the very first useProactively builds hair’s resistance to damageLeaves hair soft, shiny and looking healthy

Defy Damage Protective Shield – to guard against thermal and UV damage.

A true damage defense hero against the harsh effect of daily styling and exposure to UV and environmental pollution, this helps prevent damage and guards against colour fade for beautiful, vibrant, healthy looking hair.

Used prior to styling, hair is fortified inside and outInstant, daily protection from damaging heat, UV and environmental exposureMakes hair 4x more resistant to breakage during heat styling (against combing breakage on clean damaged hair)Protects against color fadeLeaves hair soft, shiny and looking healthy

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