Breaking Hair

Hey everyone, thank you for clicking and seeing what I'm ranting about today.

One of the biggest issues for breaking and snapping your hair is tangles. Ruffled up hair, cuticle not sitting smooth and dragging a brush through to detangle will only break your hair or create more split ends.

One of the best things to come out of The BBC programme Dragons Den is the Tangle Teaser brush.

Avoid snags and damaged hair with Tangle Teezer's range of detangling hairbrushes. From larger at-home brushes to more compact-sizes that are perfect for travelling, each Tangle Teezer brush can be used on both wet and hair for great results. We do however recommend using The Wet Detangler post-shower as it has been specially designed to detangle without breakage. The brand also have a range of hairbrushes specially for blow-drying, which not only help to speed-up drying time, but also ensure a beautifully bouncy finish.

This is always something thats in my kit bag and we have loads dotted around the salons. You can fit these around the basins in the salon, we love to layer your hair in conditioning treatments, using the ergonomic design with comb it through, not only detangling, but also massaging your head.

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