Big Bouncy Waves

So I've spoken of my love for the GHD wand in a previous post, but this has got to be in everyones styling regime when it come to wanting big and bouncy hair. The size of the Colour 9 Waver is what makes it so good!!!

Its easy to wrap long hair around, and i must stress long hair, because its so big short hair won't wrap, take a look at my other post on wands for short styles.

Anything above shoulders will need a smaller wand to create waves or curls. Keep checking back, as i will be showing you all different tools to create the styles you are looking for.

This will give you that soft beach wave that everyone wants. Effortless styling with the Cloud 9 waving wand.

Coming in at only £99 it's an absolute steal, and something all hairdressers have in their kit bag or salon.


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